Sunday, October 14, 2018

Slipping Into Abundance

After multiple years of cultivating an attitude of abundance, I am seeing a marriage between doing what I love and sharing inspiration and peace.

After making my drawing meditation a consistent practice for several years, I was inspired to combine it artistically with fabric.

I began drawing and painting and sewing inspiration birthday cards for friends.

Finally, I began creating boxes of inspiration with knitted spiritual treasure bags, posters, cards and chocolate.

It has been a delight seeing all these things come into bloom.

I love how the Universe brings whatever you need into your life.

Whatever you are dealing with, as you find solutions, they contribute to your overall abundance.

Reorienting yourself to doing what you love releases a lot of tension and pressure throughout your entire day.

The added energy lets you develop your wonderful ideas.

The wonderful ideas go out into the world to uplift and inspire.

You continue receiving the support you need to release your valued ideas.

The world feels better.

It is a wonderful way to find yourself in abundance.

The habit of listening to your intuition followed by the many tiny steps of action leads you into a delightful life of sharing and abundance.

What a beautiful way to live.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, October 13, 2018

What Fits for You?

Your life is put together from influences around you, your responses, and your desires.

From birth onward, there are opinions and interpretations of experiences flooding the atmosphere you grow up in.

As you gain some perspective on your life, you may wish to change some things, and you can, and maybe you do.

How do you know the best direction to go?

You can create the perfect fit by reading, studying, trying new things and finding the perfect combination for you.

You may follow through on a path which was given to you through your circumstances.

You may change course altogether.

You may become excellent in one field and then discover it no longer has any meaning for you.

When we begin to take charge of our experience, we often come up against the challenges involved in changing course.

Confidence or self-doubt?

Habit or adventure?

Outside resources or inward resilience?

Your desire for change may meet the feeling that it is impossible.

You may decide that no matter what, the alternative of staying as you are is unacceptable.

The combination of factors which you encounter is the puzzle you have to solve.

Great personal growth will result when you take it on.

What is it you desire?

What is your first step to change?

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, October 12, 2018

Breaths of Peace

I breathe in peace all around me.

Everyone I know breathes in peace all around them.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the planet, breathes in peace all around them.


Every time we take a deep breath to establish peace within us, we are contributing to a powerful movement.

By focusing inwardly on peace, we are not letting ourselves be swayed by the distractions around us.

Pulling peaceful messages out for all to hear is good work.

It is a steady and valuable job to do.

Taking the time to breath in peace lets us relax from the harassment and pressure around us.

Our calming breaths lighten the atmosphere and help others find a calm moment.

It is easy to contribute to more peace when we keep our focus on it.

We have a perfect retreat in the little amount of time we focus on our breath and create calm.

Our life moves from peaceful moment to peaceful moment in this way.

We find solutions in the moments of peace.

We take forward moving steps in the moments of peace.

We pause to let peace characterize our thoughts and words.

We take a moment to breath in peace before we get out of our cars.

We look for a positive focus to help maintain our peace.

In this way, we are never without peace.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Steady Purpose

Our steady purpose gives us a sense of peace.

While we can consider our options, our steady purpose always brings our life back into focus.

As we take our tiny steps in the direction of our purpose, our life becomes more and more fulfilled.

Soon we see the tiny steps add up to bigger steps and that we are getting much closer to our goal.

Our sense of peaceful purpose colors our life with enjoyment.

We are secure in our companionship with our sense of purpose to guide us.

We naturally find ourselves in a productive atmosphere which we help maintain by our focus.

Every new step that is required has sure direction behind it and abundant resources to express it.

Our life and business expands on sure ground.

When we are ready, the resources appear, little ones and big ones.

Many things show up just because we continue moving forward.

Our pace is steady with expectation.

We create and attract the atmosphere in which our ideas are valued.

We connect with those who will most benefit from our presence.

Our steady purpose insures our success.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Peace is Constant

We can establish peace within at any time.

There is always more peace to draw on.

The quality of peace is all around us all the time.

It is in the rhythms of the natural world.

It is in our orderly pursuit of right livelihood.

By not getting distracted by the agitation around us, we can continue to follow our path.

Our peace in doing the right thing will leak out into the atmosphere around us and create calm.

We do not respond to the distraction, simply keep to our consistent calm, and eventually, the feeling will spread everywhere.

Every place we go, in person, or in thought, will be infused with our deep sense that peace is at hand.

The same way a dark cloud moves swiftly when pushed by the powerful winds above, we can move into a time of peace and consideration for all.

Our goal is not to resist, but to maintain.

The many distractions may cause us to try to move in many directions simultaneously.

Our best strategy is to increase our peace, and do the right thing.

What is true will continue to increase.

What is false will fall away.

Our deep awareness of peace is our best contribution.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Your Own

If you are too busy admiring someone else, you cannot find your own beauty and purpose.

If you are too busy fearing someone else, you cannot find your true worth.

Look within, and stay within, listening.

When you hear it you will know.

When you feel it, you will be confirmed.

Only then, do you act.

Through your validation of listening, you will know when to take the correct action.

You will be led from inner guidance.

Your intuition will serve you well.

Your own value becomes paramount in your life.

You could not do anything to compromise it.

It has a compelling call.

Only you can serve your own purpose.

Your purpose is defined by your listening attitude within.

Only you can hear it.

It is your reason for being here.

It is the only thing which will satisfy you.

Trust this fact, that you are the only one who can carry out your purpose.

Then live your life to complete it.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It is Normal to Be Whole

As we work our way through the lies we were told, personally, or through politics or economics, we begin to find our truth.

Our pure desire to serve and to live well will begin to take over the direction of our lives.

We will find ourselves progressing through the maze of confusion.

 Our clear direction is our desire to serve and to live well.

This is an unerring beacon calling to us.

It guides us to each next step.

We gradually gain confidence in the direction we are going.

We leave behind more and more of the lies.

We find we are no longer dependent on someone else’s definition of our life.

We are not part of someone else’s plan for their wealth.

We have beautiful, strong, pure ideas.

These ideas define us.

We can find our way, step by step.

It is normal to be happy.

It is normal to be satisfied.

It is normal to be whole.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage